We Offer Dry Cleaning Service

You'll love how clean we get your best clothes in Evans, CO

From button-down shirts and suits to dresses and blouses, Deluxe Laundry Service will take good care of your clothing. We offer dry cleaning service as an easy way to get your dress-up and work clothing cleaned. With our on-site laundry service, we're a convenient place to get all your clothes laundered at once.

We try to be as quick as possible when getting your clothes back to you, as well. Your business can partner with us to get your uniforms or work clothing cleaned on a regular basis. Visit Deluxe Laundry Service for all your dry cleaning needs in the Evans, CO area.

Dry cleaning services Evans, CO

5 ways your laundry will benefit from dry cleaning

Whether you use an at-home washer and dryer or visit us for our self-service laundry, your nicer clothes require a gentler, more careful touch. Choose dry cleaning for these items because:

  1. It's the best way to remove stains
  2. It can be used to clean all types of fabrics
  3. It extends the life of your clothing
  4. It's convenient to drop off and pick up
  5. It keeps your clothing looking like new, longer

Not every article of clothing needs to be dry cleaned, but we can clean every item you drop off one way or another. Call 970-339-9210 today to learn more about our dry cleaning service.

clothing cleaner Evans, CO

Burke Cleaners will pick up and drop off your dry cleaning on Tuesdays and Fridays with us at Deluxe Laundry Service. Please visit their website for a full list of all the services they offer.